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The Arising of Sex

by Lygia Cabus




* Theosophy is an occult science that has its origin in the Indian-Tibetan Buddhism recorded in archaic scriptures, more ancient that the books called the Vedas, the sacred scriptures from India. A knowledge reserved to ones few Initiates, that arrived to the West, mainly - through the books of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

According to Blavatsky's Theosophy the fundamentals are the texts of the books of Dzyan, that were written in a dead language - the Senzar, dating back to the Third Race or the "Third Humanity", the Lemurian men that lived in times still more remote because the Senzar is a heritage of the Devas.


Among these "occult sciences" existe a cosmogony and a anthropogenesis, how, in general, in all the scriptures of religions or sacred traditions in the world. Example: Greek Mythology: primordial Divinities; Judeo-Christian Biblical Genesis, Gilgamesh, the Sumerian-Mesopotamian epic.





There are many, many ages, pre-historic and historic, sex does not existed. Humanities, individuals existed, but sex, no! There was no sex nor a system of sexual organs, nor a sexual practice or an intercourse of bodies, nor a sexual idea. In fact, at that time, so distant, the bodies were also very different than they are today.

At the dawn of the planet and of the anthropogenesis, the spirits animated biochemical structures devoid of bones, there were not bones. These beings were the without-bones. It seems strange but the Nature of those days was not as consistent as today, the earth also had no "bones" (rock formations and other solid beings).

Three Humanities, Human Races that emerged, developed themselves, suffered decline and were extincted without their bodies have possessed reproductive organ systems. The first human beings were able of self-renewing by emanation of their own materials and other complementaries collected directly from the subatomic nature.

Then came the asexual multiplication of the species. An individual could engender other beings, similars to itself in two ways:


1) Exuding - a being, equal to itself, a clone, a clone developed as an outgrowth that could separate itself from the matrix when their training was complete.


2) By exogenous fertilization. Genetic materials were mixed at random. An egg was exudate in nature, made ​​of plastic and gelatinous matter. Fertilization would to occur similarly to fish, by the deposit of genetic material from another being, producing a hybrid [mixture of unequal], conceived in an egg that will stiffen and will be broken when the new creature is ready for life in the outside world. This type of fertilization produced the first generation of Earth's monsters.



The Ancient Tibetan Doctrine: Anthropogenesis


In principle, what manifested in the Earth were those who were beings Existing by-Themselves, by they same; individual lives projected by the absolute Will (The who we called God]. This was the time of the dawn of the Renaissance of the Worlds. These lives were called (in ancient scriptures) Manus-seed ou the Pitris.

The First Human Race, therefore, was born by-Themselves same. They were shadows of their "parents", or of themselves; a race of "parents" of themselves. All these things were done unintentionally because they did not had mind, intelligence or will. The Spark of the Divine Spirit [of God] was not - even present in inner of them, or rather, there was but in a lethargic state. The spark was asleep in those beings.


From "First human Race" - arose the Second Race: they were the "born from the sweat", the without-Bones - that were endowed with the germ of intelligence. A weak spark, primitive spark. Note here that the Spirit of God is always related with light; the firsts, were shadows, a phenomenon that depends on the light; in the seconds, weak spark, a weak light. The Third Human Race were androgynous, they are called the Double beings:



The Sons of Passive Yoga [the androgens] ... they became oviparous. The emanations from their bodies, specially produced during the breeding seasons, had an ovular shape. The small spheroidal nuclei, developed themselves, in a large, flexible and flaccid vehicle, oviform, that, gradually, would become more solid even breaking down after a period of gestation. From the egg, the young human animal would get out... [ANTROPOGÊNESE - p 183]


The polygenetic theory

The esoteric-Buddhist Anthropogenesis claims that the man would had:

1) a polygenetic origin;

2) the humanity had a diversity of modes of procreation before it develop the sexual generation. The
androgynous Humanity:

ceased ... to procreate their species by means of drops of vital energy that emanated from their bodies ... All this vital energy was spread everywhere and was employed by Nature in the production of the earliest forms of mammals. [ANTROPOGÊNESE - p 187]


The pre-archaic manifestations of life interacted with geology pre-archaic in a very direct way to compose the physical reality, organic and inorganic, intensely dynamic in their search for forms and supplies organized and / or able to organize functional systems for the full expression of the Intelligent Primordial Will [God] which is the source of all creation.




The progressive succession of methods of reproduction, according that science reveals, is a confirmation suggestive of Esoteric process of human breeding and breeding of other mamals, in the most archaic epochs of the Creation:

I. BINARY FISSION - As noted in the division into two single-celled organisms like amoeba. Or as in mitotic cell division in multicellular organisms.

II. BUDDING - A small "structure-father", "structure-mother" or matrix inflates the surface and extends itself, growing until it reaches the size of the adult organism, as in many plants, marine organisms etc..

III. SPORES - A single cell is expelled by the body father [mother], developing into a multicellular organism that reproduces the original organism, as bacteria and mosses.

IV. INTERMEDIATE HERMAPHRODITISM - male and female organs are part of the same individual. Like in the most of the plants, worms.
[Anthropogenesis - p 184]



The Secret Doctrine - contained in the ancient Tibetan books says that human beings passed by all these strange biochemical conformations of many along millions of years since the appearance of the planet Earth in itself. These theories, although they seem absurd, become less exotics when considering the reproduction of organisms observed in nature by the contemporary science. Among bacteria, for example, there are mechanisms nearly fantastic.


The Androgyny produced the diversity: morphological, metabolic, anatomical and structural, resulting from the two forms of reproduction that characterized the "3rd Human Race". The children of the androgynous were:

(1) the beings "borned from eggs" - implying high mixture of genetic material;

(2) The Children of the Yoga. These are very curious, these Sons of Yoga. They are called also Children of Kriyashakti - and Kriya-shakti is the "mysterious power of thought."





More of one Humanity evolved among the Androgynous and Hermaphrodite [the "Third human Race"], bisexual, asexual, and - finally the heterosexuals. All of these beings, they would lived and shared those different forms of procreation in the abyss of a forgotten time. The most eccentric exchanges and strange genetic phenomenons can have happened until it was developed the sex as is known nowadays.


Man was not made ​​of clay, mud but, no doubt - there is much of  "plasm-gel" involved in the creation or anthropogenesis processes. The evolutive primary scene, pre-archaic, was an orgy of secretions eventualities involving physico-chemical, morphological interactions, exchange of fluids that, according to the Doctrine, populated the planet with the strangest species of living beings that have failed as suitable vehicles for expression of the Human Being.

The legacy of this period still remains in the flora and fauna of the present and of the past Ages. But the unique human well succeed experience - living and actual - is the contemporary man.



During the Third - [Human race, Lemurians] - boneless animals grew and became animals with bones ... The animals were the first to separate themselves in sexes [male and female] and began to breed. The double man, also was separated in opposite sexes ... And they took them huge female animals. With these [relations they began to] breed other races of creatures. They themselves were mute [and they were called "the narrow heads"]


They generated monsters. A race of bowed monsters and covered with red hairs, who walked on four legs. A race of dumb beings to silence their shame. ... This Primitive Man ... [still] had no mind or soul when copulated with a female monster of the animal kingdom, and [gave origin] to series of apes [for example among another types of creatures]... They generated monsters. A race of bowed monsters and covered with red hairs, who walked on four legs. A race of dumb beings to silence their shame. ... This Primitive Man ... [still] had no mind or soul when copulated with a female monster of the animal kingdom, and [gave origin] to series of apes [for example among another types of creatures] ...  (ANTROPOGÊNESE, p 202, 207)


Only in the Third Human Race, near the end of the existence period of the Third Humanity - humans began to have a physical body of denser matter and this density decreased the level of intimacy among the material beings.

The sexual relation of the bodies was practiced even before the ray of divine reason have illuminated their minds hitherto dormant and, thus - they had sinned. When the light began arise, they already had consumated genetic mixtures that gave rise to animals.


The outward form of men was not uniform because the eggs, "...before they become solid were often corrupted by huge animals [and, even before, by strange organic matters. From this phenomenon] ...appeared intermediate races of monsters, half man, half animal."


But later, when the human race was already defined and already configurating itself as the Fourth Race, the "Fourth Humanity"; the procreation through sexual intercourse with animals that resulted in monsters ... These relations were prohibited: ...kings and lords have put the seal of prohibition in these sinful relationships ...



Sex on the Chronology of the Brahmins


For all that has already been explained, a very long time ago, the sex would not existed, but also in lost times, sex has become a characteristic of the superior life: amphibians, birds, reptiles and - especially - mammals.


The Tibetan Book of the Doctrine of Dzyan adopts, to define the ages of the universe, the world and men, the chronology of the Brahmins (Hindo-Aryan).


According this chronology, the emergence of sexual relations between human beings on Earth is situated in the end of the existence of the "third Human race" [Lemurian] and the beginning of the Fourth - "human race" (Atlantean), when humans - and other mammals - developed bodies with bones. This happened tens of millions years ago.




For the Brahmins, the age of the Earth revolves around 1 billion 955 million 884 thousand and 807 years [in 2007]. The age of the present humanity, called the "fifth Humanity", is 18 million and 600 thousand years, more or least, when they disappeared the last cores of the Atlantean civilization.

The material body, the separation of beings in sexual gendered and - finally, the sexual intercourse, this set of events is - esoterically - described as "the Fall". Fall of man in the dense matter, fall from power of self-creation, self-recreation; fall from power of mental creation and mental re-creation; fall in the condition of sexual procreation.

In the biblical texts - Judeo-Christians - very confused and / or even lacking in its cosmological, geological and anthropological chronology, between the scriptures, be canonical or apocryphal there is reference to two falls:


(1) Fall of Angels;
(2) Fall of Man.


The first is told in the apocryphal Book of Enoch, the second, the fall of man is in the canonical Genesis.


Both episodes, which can be regarded as an unfolding

process and are related to the evolution of three events:

(1) development of the Will exercised by free will;
(2) discovery, choice and practice of sex, procreation viviparous;
(3) the experience of living with pain and physical suffering.





english edition  | april 2012
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