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The Arising... of the Sexual "Sin
by Lygia Cabus


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The first "Lemurians-atlanteans" [organic types of transition between the third and the fourth "human races"] are accused of have taken, as wives - females of an inferior race, a race without Mind [p 300].

They took as wives ... women, females truly beautiful but not completly human. Their bodies were animated by an inferior nature, too much material ... These beings with female forms - and Lilith is its prototype in the Jewish traditions - are called Khado (Sanskrit: Dakini |
ge below).


The allegorical legends ... tell that this female beings were able to "walking in the air" ... however they, these females were not endowed with mind having only animal instinct [p 303].


Those who fell victim to their animal natures ... they gave origin to a race of "monsters" that is, men of a different variety. The Secret Doctrine accuses those Lemuro-Atlanteans - "sons of Heaven and Earth" of having committed the heinous crime of procreate with "animals" ...


Those were called "animals" not because they were not human beings, but because they were very different, physically and mentally, the more perfect races that had developed.


[Breeds in that] ... the individuals remained devoid of the able of know or, "without-mind" and remained so even after the natural separation of the sexes. These were those who practiced ... the first crosses that resulted in monsters, and among the descendants of them, among the daughters of the monsters, the Atlanteans took wives. [p 304]









Sex, Physical and Metaphysical


The theosophical Anthropology, though be much complex and even fantastic, gets to explain the mystery and the allegory of "original sin" through of a conception of biochemical evolution of living Beings which claims the origin of man on the planet in an epoch much more ancient and in Geophysical conditions very different from what contemporary science admits.


The emergence of sex between earthly living beings, especially in the case of the mankind, is a phenomenon very slow and inserted into a broad process of evolution that begins with the life manifesting in etheric structures, passing through states more or least denser of matter until reach the organic current configuration.


Whereas the human bodies of the First, Second, and much of the Third Race were not materials, in the sense of made of solid matter, perhaps - nor constituted - completely, of organic matter, it is coherent to suppose that his contact with reality was given - also in terms of a not physical perception; non-dependent of physical appendages, but possibly  ̶  through of MENTAL SENSES.


When the humans beings began to have dense bodies, materials, increasingly more carnal, they began to lost their non-physical skills too, that have been replaced by the body habilities. The knowledge of the world has come to depend, in part, of the physical senses and physical appendices.






Matriarchy and Phallicism


Slowly, by a logical, primary and inevitable association. when the human race began to procreate through sexual intercourse, the idea of ​​"creative power" became associated with sex relations and to the female beings, who was clearly, the generator matrix.


The primitive matriarchal societies was founded in the prestigious of women precisely by this mystery of the Being. Because, for a long time, inexplicably, the only one capable of generating new life was a woman. The pre-history legated to historians the evidence of so-called "cults of the great mother." The cult of pregnancy is shown in the figures representing Paleolithic women with big bellies and breasts that means: valuing the pregnancy and nutrition creates.




However, once that was observed the importance of semen, the phallus. Once discovered the importance of the role of man as virile power indispensable to the creation of a new human being, this fact completely changed the focus of religious reverence devoted to sex.


The sex itself has become - then, theme of fetishist rituals of sympathetic magic and the phallus, the penis has become the symbol of creative divinity. The woman-Earth, was worthless without the seed of the Man. Thus, was deployed the sexual phallic religion and the social-economic-political patriarchalism.




Sex, Drugs and Other Things


At the same time, humanity, establishing centers of civilization in different parts of the world, would, little by little knowing the vagaries of the flesh, that absolutely are not limited to the scope of sex.


Men have become more gluttonous in many ways: the procreative sex was no longer sufficient, the wild fruit of the earth also is no longer sufficient for the hunger of the stomach and, the hunting, barely functional to feed the large polygamous communities.



The carnal man is full of needs, real or imaginary which want - incessantly, the satisfaction. Also, endowed with creative intelligence, self-awareness and imagination, man creates new needs, that the animals didn't have; and the Man exaggerates. And the abuse of man is an essence of the sin, which is nothing more than "error".



In this way, the humanity of the fifth race, heiress of the excesses of the last Atlanteans, transformed hunger in gluttony, thirst in drunkenness, remedy in overdose, sex in orgy: The so-called  ̶  Fallen Angels are humanity itself.


The Demon of Pride, of Lust, of Rebellion, of Hatred, they not existed before the appearance of physical conscious man  [ANTROPOGÊNENSE p. 292] ... and ... In the beginning, the conception, the parturition was so easy for women as for all animal creation. Never was the plan of nature the woman give birth to their children in middle the pain...  [ANTROPOGÊNENSE p. 292]





The Crime of Cain: The First Sexual Intercourse




The Biblical Genesis speaks of an Adam made ​​from clay that during the "sleep" - a period of unconsciousness - suffers an "intervention" biophysics. "God," the Lord, or Nature [?] creates another human being using a rib [lateral part of the body] from Adam.

He "sleeps" Adam asexual and "wakes up" Adam-Eve, or agrees to a different physical condition. To Theosophy, the sleep of the divine Adam allegorizes a biological process of millions of years.


This biblical text refers to the transition between hermaphroditism and asexuality. But hermaphroditism was not an biological isolated change in the conformation of the breed. Of course, this Adam man-woman also had other new organs, and other cognitive abilities, other system of perception.

The "original sin" of the Bible, despite all the popular associations of the Christian religion, is clearly described as "tasting the fruit of knowledge of good and evil." The text does not talk about sex but in relation to Eve is specific: "...will give birth with pain". Why? Before was with no pain? (Let's meditate...)



The first sin of the hermaphrodite Adam was THINK: to make questions; using the power of being an AGENT able to achieve knowledge and more, agent of choices and CREATIVE achievements. This Hermaphrodite Adam, in the condition of a new human race was called Jah-hovah, reference to its new external distinctives: male genitalia and female genitalia, in summary, penis and vagina, bulge and cavity.



The compound name of Jehovah, or Jah-hovah, [means] male life and female life - first, in an androgynous, later in two separate sexes. ... The Hebrew letter Jod represented the virile membrum and hovah was Eve ...


In the Book of Enoch we have Adam, the first Divine Androgyne [no sex], which separates itself in man and woman and becomes Jah-Heva [Queer, androgynous is a Human Race, Jah-Heva another race, are the divine Hermaphrodites] and [in a third movement becomes, evolves into] - Cain and Abel, male and female ... [Following the Biblical genealogy] ...


Seth is not a man, an individual, but a human RACE. Before him humanity was hermaphrodite [Jah-Eve, Cain and Abel) ... [Seth was] ... the first result [physiologically] that followed the "Fall" [procreation by sexual intercourse] - Seth is the first man [of a Race heterosexual] ... his son Enos is called "the Son of Man." [ANTROPOGENESIS, 140/141]




But the human race of hermaphrodites Jah-hovah continued for many ages, without nothing cogitate about the "usefulness" and use of those organs. They remained oviparous, realizing the self-reprodution, by conjugation or exogenous genetic hybridization, crossing their gamets in environment, like fishes.


New individuals continued borning by sporulation or exudation. Sporulation producing clones and by exudation, mixing the genetical material contained in fluids secreted by different individuals or, even, of different species. This situation can have persisted even when the hermaphrodites were already endowed with penises and vaginas.


But for what purpose served the penis? The Hermaphrodite race must have asked to itself about the usefulness of the Bulge and the cavity and it is even possible to have occurred by chance the discovery of the function of those organs, by a natural process of experimentation. The first penetration may have been made ​​on an object, the folkloric watermelon, for example. Let's meditate... seriously.



However, according the theosophic interpretation of the biblie text, the creative human being belonging to the fourth Race, the Race of the Adam Jah-hovah, one day "shed the blood virgin"! Cain bled his brother , Abel. The usual interpretation of this passage in Genesis is that Cain attacked Abel, killing him but among the Theosophists, the "virgin blood" was uterine-vaginal and Cain is the symbol of those hermaphrodites that first had the curious idea of insert the penis into the vagina of its brother.


In the Hindu sacred scriptures the separation of the sexes is represented allegorically by Daksha, who, seeing that his descendants "borned of the will" ̶  the "Sons of the Passive Yoga" - did not want to create men, "decided to convert a half of itself in a woman with whom he had daughters", the future women of the Third Race, which produced the Atlantis. the giants, belonging to the Fourth Race. The Vishnu Purana says simply that Daksha, the father of mankind, instituted sexual intercourse as a means of populating the world. [ANTROPOGENESIS - p 293].


Cain is: ...the author of the first blood effusion [semen, by sexual relations - ANTROPOGENESIS, p 408]. It is possible that Cain could have experienced receive the penis of his brother too, in his own vagina, but this only makes things worse (let's stop here!)... In Hebrew, Abel is C-Habel, meaning "birth pangs", which suggests a pregnancy - viviparous! - as a result of the experiments Cainites.



The fact is that the cainite behavior was severely condemned by the humanity of then and, according to the archetypal tradition Cain was "marked" and banned: "Cain went to the land of Nod and took a wife there".


Of course, though banished, Cain was not repentant viewed that he "took a wife" and continued to practice sex. Since then, the hermaphrodites began to have to choose: have relations in role of man, woman or both depending on the circumstances.



The hermaphrodites began to desappear at the end of the third Human Race. The first generation of the race that arised after "the Jah-hovahs" (Male-Female, after androgynous), those born with only one sex defined were the generation of Seth, allegorically, the ancestor of the Fourth Race, the first who was heterosexual.



And they, the heterosexuals, were the Atlanteans who began to decay when began to practice sex in an orgiastic way. Then, hundreds of thousands of years later, this race was extinguished, because of this "sexual sin", giving rise to the Fifth Race which flourished after the flood, the Noah's deluge that is registered in the Bible text and in other scriptures, where the episode occurs being lived by other characters [God's punishment? ou natural degeneration...].




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