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The young new Buddha of Nepal

Trad. Lygia Cabus




Ram Bahadur Bomjon: One of his apparitions, in the media, when he began his meditation in 16, may of 2005.



Ram Bahadur Bomjan, the Nepalese teenager (16 years in March, 2006) that became known worldwide as the "new Buddha" because he is in fasting and remains motionless in meditation there is already for six months under a tree "pipal" - the "fig tree" of Buddha (Ficus religiosa), disappeared Saturday, March 11, amid a mysterious fire, yet unexplained, which reached its sanctuary. His clothes were found near the tree by a group of followers in charge of protecting the boy.


The attitude of Bonjam that, according to his mother, Mayadevi (same name as the mother of the known Buddha Sak) that presents a mystical-religious temperament since he was a child, caught the attention of the world, occupying newspaper headlines and mobilizing a crowd of pilgrims in the around of the sanctuary, located in a forest in southern Nepal. The devotion spawned a bustling trade of various products: food, drinks, candles, souvenirs, etc..


Although the region - Char Koshe Jhadi, in Bara - be a focus of militant communist rebels, who could have kidnapped "the young Buddha", the more likely it is that Bonjam, left the place voluntarily, bothered by the confusion that became a problem for the meditation. A friend of Bonjam told the Kathmandu Post: He left because this place has become very noisy. One suspects also that Bonjam was accompanied by a friend, Sahila Tamang, also disappeared.

The goal is to meditate deeply for at least another six months to achieve the state of Buddha (Buddhahood) or Ilumination. In addition of the commerce almost immoral that settled around the mystic boy, there are rumors that donations offered by devotees to the new Buddha were being diverted for safes Maoists. A foreign Buddhists group already donated forty thousand U.S. dollars to the "Buddha Boy".


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