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novembro, 2009




by Lygia Cabus




The young known as the Buddha Boy was born in a period of full moon [Chaitra Purnima], in the small town of Ratanapuri, Bara district, Nepal in April 9, 1990. His family name is Ram Bahadur Bomjom; Palden Dorje, is his Buddhist name.

He is the third of nine sons and daughters of a couple of farmers. Since the pregnancy, the biography of the boy already showed signs that something extraordinary was happening.

During pregnancy, her mother became completely intolerant to eating meat. Ram Bomjom never eaten meat and since very small, searched to be alone to meditate and and while he grew, very calm, rather than meet the other children to play, he preferred to study the sacred scriptures and to practice meditation.


The Nepalese follow the story of Ram Bomjom and observe several significant facts that, it seems, establish a clear relationship of identity between the young and the Enlightened One, Shakyamuni Buddha. The place of birth, Ratanapuri, is very close to Lumbini, the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha Gautama [Buddha].





The Buddha Boy is also a Tamang, it means, a descendant of Tamang Lamas, and, because this he is also named Tamang Tulku Rimpoche, his mother's name is Maya Devi Tamang [same name as the name of the mother of the Buddha Sakyamuni]. [Rinpoche = Teacher]

These Lamas are known for their exceptional skills to pass extended periods in absolute fasting, feeding of prana [vital energy omnipresent] through the practice of meditation. According to the legends, the Tamang Lamas are also able to fly and talk to the trees, birds and other animals. They don't fear nor even wild beasts such as tigers, lions, bears or snakes.







Ram Bonjom decided early begin his religous life. He started his studies with two Lamas in his own village. After, became disciple of the Guru Som Bahadur Lama, of Suda. With this master, he shared the teachings with another nine students.


When arrived the epoch of the iniciation cerimony, he refused to cut his hair what is against the budist tradition. Then, was leaded to continue his education in Dehradun, with the Lamas of there. Backing to parent's home, he stood sick and soon after, disappeared for the first time. This happened in the night, in may - 16 of 2005.


The family perceived the vanishing of the boy and the people of the village was alerted. Many gathered to make a search. A boy said that has saw Ram Bomjon in a ravine. Bonjon would had risen in a mango tree to catch a fruit. After, went down e entered in a river near. The boy had comented with him: I did think that you would had vanished. Bomjom answered: Is better you come back to you home and be careful to not touch me.



The parents, taking knowledge of this fact went to meet him but he explained that only would back later, at 4 o'clock. The relatives, for caution, they remained vigilants and some of his brothers stood by near. At four o'clock, he got a pair of mangos and began to eat. Then, he called a one of his brothers, the more young, and asked him for water, his Lama clothes, the nepalese rosary and a Buda image. Some people - curious - were watching the scene. He was doing questions to himself and answering aloud to himself.






Some villagers already were cogitating that Bomjom was a fool and that he should go back home; others, were afraid that he could be crazy, to be having a delirious. One of his brothers took the iniciative of touch him and, in this moment, the body of the boy stood hot e red. He reacted saying: Please, leave me alone or one of us can die.  He continued, addressing himself to the curious: If any of you disturb my thoughts I'll have to meditate for 20 years, but if all goes well, I only will need to meditate for six years. For security, Bomjon went out of there and, in the company of one of the brothers, he entered in the jungle in search of peace.



On May 18, he came to a pipal tree ─ a "fig tree". Ali made an offering of 10 different types of fruit before the image of Buddha. Then he sat under the tree and returned to meditate.

At the time, about 30 villagers that were observing the boy, before leave him alone - made an offer of a few rupees. That night, some men tried to disrupt the Guru and decided to steal the money of the that villagers had left there. But, soon they were discovered and were unmasked in front of the whole community. They presented excuses to the Guru.

Again the Buddha Boy left the place and headed north, on May 24, 2005. He took six fig leaves. Relatives wept but he is gone. Again located, again left the place of meditation. This time it was to the east where he found another fig tree.




Praying to the God-serpent


One more time, he explained to the family and close friends that he needed and would continue meditating at any cost. After all, some people began to collaborate, not only family but also villagers. They traced a limit around the place of meditation and made​​a type of wall to Bomjom.

Despite this protection, crowds began to gather at the site. Then built a hut and surrounded it with plastic. Bomjom took shelter there for 15 days. At this epoch, a terrible drought was happening in the region. The Guru advised the persons to pray to the god-serpent. After five days of prayer, it began to rain.




The serpent poison


On November 6, 2005 the serpent-god Naga Sheshha spoke to the young lama. He said that he [the boy] was about to reach the level of a Bodhisattva [Body of Wisdom]. Then the god serpent gave a bitten in Bomjom and, of course, he was poisoned suffering the effects of the venom. But remained meditating. Sweating profusely he eliminated the poison.

The followers of Buddha Boy believe that in this day the guru attained Enlightenment becoming, in fact, a Bodhisattva, a condition that allows the to wise, survive in the harshest conditions, such as yogis who are buried alive and alive, they rise of the deep earth. They can also be resistant to the variations of the weather and understand the language of all creatures.


On November 8, Ram Bomjom spoke to his devotees. He told them he had not the energy of an enlightened. They should not refer to him as the reincarnation of the Buddha Sakyamuni. On November 11, a bright light appeared over the head of Bomjom and once again he addressed the crowd and prophesied: Let me meditate in quiet and soon there will be peace in this country. [The country was facing a socio-political turmoil]




Palavras de Palden Dorje, o Buddha Boy


Murder, violence, hatred, temptation have made the human world a place of despair. A terrible storm will come upon this humanity and will drag the world to the destruction. There is only one way to save the world and this way is dharma [the Law]. If this world continues to ignore the correct path of spiritual practice, this desperate world will surely be destroyed. So, follow the path of spirituality. Spread this message. Never put obstacles, anger, disbelief in the way of my mission of meditation.


I'm just showing you the way, but you should seek it in yourself. What will I be, what I will do, will be revealed in the future days.The salvation of mankind, the salvation of living beings and world peace are my goals and this is my way: sangaya Namo Buddha, Namo Buddha sangaya, namo sangaya.



I meditate on how to reach freedom in this chaotic world, this ocean of emotions; I'm meditating about overcoming anger and temptation without dispersing me in anyway in no time. I have renounced to the ties to [of the mundane] with my own life and my family forever. I am working to save all living beings...

The practice and devotion of many Buddhas [Awakened] is aimed at improving the world and promote the happiness. This is essential but it is very difficult to understand the practice [of contemplation, meditation] and devotion. Easy is to lead this ignorant existence but humans do not understand [they don't become aware] that one day must leave this uncertain world to meet the Lord of Death.

Our ties [attachment] with friends and family will dissolve into nothingness. We must leave behind [be indifferent] the riches and wealth we accumulate. What is the meaning of my happiness when those I love from the beginning [of my life], my mother, my father, my relatives are all unhappy? 



To save all sentient beings, I must reach the conscious mind of a Buddha [enlightened one] and leave my cave to do vajra meditation. To do this I must acknowledge the right way and the correct knowledge. I can't and I should not be disturbed in my practice. This practice allows, to me, detach myself from my body,from my soul [of my person, my personality],of my own existence. In this situation, I - and the "seventy two aspects of the goddess" Kali, thus - I can face the destructive aspects of the human being.

Different gods will be presented to the sound of thunders and of the tangur [possibly, bells, or even, literally, the words of a sacred text of the same name] and all the gods of heaven will be in adoration [puja]. If I have a message, I will convey [to you]. In the meantime, you do not need come here to explain it to others. Is need to spread the message spirit worldwide. The message of peace. Seek the right path and you will have the wisdom.


* Vajra Meditation, combining compassion and wisdom, is the practice that destroys all kinds of ignorance. As practice, Vajra, in itself, is indestructible. This type of meditation is related to Vajrayana, one of the three most important rules of Buddhist discipline. The meditation Vjara is also called the Path of Thunder, or even the Path of Diamond.


Pronunciamento em 02 de agosto de 2007
Trad. L. Cabus








Over the last years, since 2005, since when he won the media headlines around the world, the Buddha Boy has maintained his charisma and his journey of meditation. To read some of his public pronouncements, see Palden Dorje, in Wikipedia. An example, a speech made ​​on August 2, 2007:


I'm meditating on the detachment of this chaotic world that is immersed in the ocean of emotion; on our detachment from anger and temptation, without leaving the way, by nor a moment. I am renouncing my own attachment to my life and my home, forever. I am working to save all living beings. But in this undisciplined world, the practice of my life is reduced to mere entertainment.



NOVEMBER, 2008 ─ Although there are many religions and ideologies, they are all talking about the same thing. Humans are incapable of seeing beyond their religions and ideologies. Some, stubbornly, follow their religions only to find out that repent of their entire life ... The Kali Yuga (era) causes weakness and lack of respect and devotion among humans. People have forgotten the connection between the self and higher self, due to the pursuit of fleeting pleasures.


In November 2009, was scheduled a public appearance of Palden Dorje. The young Lama wanted to make this occasion an opportunity to protest against the sacrifice of thousands of animals in Gahdi Mai Festival of the year [between 18 and Nov. 23], conducted in the district of Bara and in many other parts of Nepal. It is an ancient tradition and takes place every five years, that is contrary to the basic teaching of Buddhism of respect for all life forms.










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