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The Mysteries of Little Brook City (CORGUINHO)



In small town Corguinho, wich name means little brook, in the hinterlands of the state Mato Grosso do Sul, in a place called Fazenda Boa Sorte (Good Luck Farm), a group of some ufologists established the headquarters of the Portal Project (Projeto Portal). Their goal is observe strange phenomenons and make contact with alien beings or creatures that inhabit other dimensions unknown to the men but that may exist in a parallel universe, right here on planet Earth. The Project is led by Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. 





Mr. Urandir was born in São Paulo state in 1963. He is a simple man with little formal education but has a picturesque personality, is a controversial person. Son of a bricklayer with a housewife he claims to be paranormal and tells that strange phenomenons occur with him since his childhood. He tells that when he was with four years old, his father found him making caress on a urutu-cruzeiro snake. The child had special powers. By his prodigies, the people of the region passed to call him of little saint boy, able to make miracles.  


On the eve of his 13th birthday he lived a extraordinary experience. He was in his bedroom when a soft light lilac appeared. He doesn't could explain but felt that was levitating above the bed, he was rising and passing trough the roof. It was as if the roof not existed. Then, he saw to himself in the inner of a spaceship lying on a stretcher.


He saw three beings that seem like humans but they were not humans. The iris of their eyes were vertical, like the eyes of the cats. They implanted certain devices in the young boy's neck.  He doesn't could explain but he felt that was levitating above the bed, he was rising and passing trough the roof. Sudenly, the roof don't existed no more.


Then, he saw to himself in the inner of a spaceship lying on a stretcher. Three beings similar to humans but that were not humans beings were observing him. The iris of their eyes was vertical, like in the eyes of the cats. They implanted certain devices in the young's neck. The beings said to him that the devices serve to amplify psychic abilities. Because this was the best way to make contact with them. Urandir had been chosen because he had a brain frequency accelerated and therefore had a mission to him, one important thing he will should do.


After this episode, Urandir realized that, in fact, he has had developed psychic powers that he never had before. Became able to bend rebars without use much force. Using the power of thought he can spoon-bending, coins,to move objects, connect and turn off lights and eletric appliances. Soon began earning a living doing shows on the inside. It was so that he obtain managed resources to build The Zigurasts Complex, tourist attraction and research center.
























Urandir, psychic powers


The Research Center



According to Mr. Urandir, the complex was built by determination of extraterrestrials. The Zigurats has 1042 acres, 98 brick houses and igloos with able to host nine residents and visitors. On top of a hill was built a small observatory.

Ziggurat is the name of a type of Persian architecture, a people of oriental Antiquity (actually Iran). In the case of the Complex of Corguinho, the tower that gives name to the project is yet to be built. Actually it's not a tower. It will be a pyramid with 38 meters tall.


At an isolate place, at the middle of the nothing, what is more impresses is de Center of Researchs. There exist many computers and eight satellite dishes. The researchers of Corguinho velieved that a catastrophe, rely, will happen in the year of 2012. Thinking in this they are building a kind of a shelter city where they hope to escape the end of an era of this world.


The disasters that recently have occupied the headlines of the media are just the beginning of a much larger global phenomenon and perfectly according to the laws of nature. Urandir, sharing the view of many esoterics of this epoch post-modern, Mr. Urandir explains: The Earthquakes, floods, volcano eruption in Iceland that we are seeing now are signs of a major transformation which will happen on the planet (or that it's happening just now!). It's a natural cycle caused by the alignment of galaxies, which will change the axis tilt of the Earth. But not the end of the world. From the year of 2018 foreward the conditions will go begin to has stabilize and a more evolved system will be installed on the planet.




WEBSITE: [http://www.urandirfernandesdeoliveira.com.br]

PORTAL PROJECT IMAGES [http://www.projetoportal.org.br/cidadezigurats.html]

SOURCE: MARSIGLLIA, Ivan. O ET de Corguinho.
IN Estadão, SP – April, 25 of 2010

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