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Foo Fighters ─ The Mother of The Gold
translations and research: Ligia Cabus


MINAS GERAIS ─ Brazil Southwest. Folklore ou Technology? The misterious light that the people call Golden's Mother is a frequent phenomena registrated at Minas Gerais state.


  The landscape of the luminous apparitions. satellite photo
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At Itauna city, folkoric tradition call the attention of the ufologists. For many generations they have been described like light balls, fire in the sky or lights, simply. The secular apparition is like a luminous sphere or a luminous globe. There are many testemonies. It has a small diameter. The sightings are common, especially in deserted areas, rural areas. At these localities the sky is more clean than at urban zone. The color golden-yellow of this light, created the relation with the precious gold. This mineral, had a fundamental role on the cultural e politic evolution of this region of Brazil Colônia.








Several researchers cogitate that the Mother of The Gold is a kind probe sent by alien civilizations that could be both intraterrestres as extraterrestrials.

These lights may come from small unmanned spacecraft equipped with devices of spying, with a mission to locate soils rich in certain minerals that are of interest for some species of nonhuman, most likely are more technologically advanced than humans. These space probes could also collect information and materials. Samples of organic tissues, animals, plants, and so on.


Some Cases

In the rural town of Itatiaiuçu, central-western Minas Gerais a family has gone through some scares caused by these luminous spheres. The entries of the objects in the house, became a common thing. However, in some instances, the flaming ball ran around all the rooms of the house. The residents, terrified, take refuged under the beds.

Mata da Onça ─ Returning to Itaúna, at the centre west of Minas state, there, are many cases and legendary episodes relating with the fire spheres. The city and its neighborhoods are the locals where there are the major number of ocurrences of the Mother of The Gold. Like a place named Serra Mata Onça [Forest of Jaguar Sierra].

Since the 1940 and, surely, before this epoch, sightings are narrated. The witnesses, that are of different gender, age, education, social class. All people refer to the light like a wandering sphere. In Those rocky mountains lies the secret of fiery balls.


Mr. Fajardo Experiences

At Itaúna city there is a school farm, a grange. It's a municipal instituition. Mr. Fajardo José Ribeiro, that today [2008] is porter of Itauna's prefecture is former internal of the school. He studied and lived there in the 1950 decade. Since then, he tells - speaking in an interview that was made in 2000 - knows for self experience that the Mother of the Gold appears at the region every day, every afternoon. When was teenager, he, his colleagues and Mr. Luis, supervisor of the internals, they observed the strange light and its movements for many times.

According Fajardo, the phenomena is more than a wandering light. The luminous balls are linked to others ocurrences. Some episodes seem things of haunts. But experts think that this strange facts can to be some kind of contact. Testemonies had known a unknowned technology, highly advanced and unexplained for the commom peoples. Experts cogitate that the strange events can be contacts and sightings of beings and technology equipment unknown highly advanced.

At the conception of the unusual facts researcher, the theurgist, Mr. Jose Augusto Fonseca, the Mata da Onça region, at Itaúna, has some kind of source of energy, a power unknow for humans. An energy that attracts extraterrestrial or beings of another dimentions or, still, of strange enviroments of this planet, underground, for example.

Although he has not witnessed any specific appearance of the so-called Mother of Gold, Fonseca has observed these luminous phenomena in the sky for many years. We do not know what these lights are, but we know they exist. We don't know its origin and we can not explain his behavior. There are many reports about it.

During World War II, pilots of combat aircraft, Germans or allies, were visited for these mysterious spheres. Some of these spheres crossed the naves, from a window to another without causing any damage. Other balls had the power to enter through the fuselage. This kind of the phenomena was called Foo Fighters [FOO, of the french slang meaning FIRE + fighters, of the english, at the sense of warrior, hunter].



Mother of the Gold ─ The Legend

Misterious lights at the sky, something beyond the stars and of the other celestial bodies, these luminous apparitions are intriguing for the Humanity from arcane ages. This kind of phenom always was exciting, instigating, for imaginary of the people. The mythology of the balls of light are present in the most different cultures around the world.

At Brazil, the luminous spheres are source of inspiration for many fantastic explanations and stories. From north to the south there are legends about the theme. At the South, the flame balls are the eyes of a monster, the Boitatá, a ghost serpent who kills the live beings but only devours the eyes of the creatures. Its light is the light of the deads's eyes, its victims. They haunt the hills of the gaúcha* landscape.  * [GAÚCHA: natural of brazilian federative unit called Rio Grande do Sul]


The researcher of the brazilian folklore, master Câmara Cascudo, in his book, Dicionário do Folclore Brasileiro, wrote about this myth:

[The Mother of Gold]... appears with differents features: a little bird, a lizard, a beautiful woman with long hairs. She inhabits mountains regions [or the phenom happens more in these places] like the Pico of Jaraguá, at São Paulo state... At this place, The Mother of Gold is an entity that guards the gold, that still today remains hidden into the mountain. [The mythic treasure is an inheritance of the Golden Cicle, historical period of the social and economic development of colonial Brazil].

[A page of the imaginary of the people]... This or her light seems like a fire ball with a long and bright tail. Many people assert had saw this being enchanted. Just when she is changing the treasure of its place, on these occasions is possible to see her. Those who reach to see the woman, are persons marked. They have one of the two destinies: stay millionaire or stay insane for ever.




Legends of Slaves

At Mato Grosso state [Central Brazil], a legend is told: existed an old slave who was tired of work. He was a gold miner in the Cuiabá river. During seven days, he did not find nor a speck of gold. His boss and owner was a badman. He was worried only with the money. And don't hesitated in explore more and more the old man that was almost to dead. But, in an afternoon, a beautifull woman appeared in front of the slave. She was luminous and helped the poor man in his work. The boss was punished because Mother Gold does not like cruelty.

In another version of the tale, in the region of Santana do Parnaíba, São Paulo, the people tell that jesuits, wanting to hide part of the gold of the taxes, they sent the slaves put a true treasure in the caves of the galleries; in mines. The priests were in a hurry. In the middle of confusion, the walls fell on the men.  The slaves, all died suffering an extreme agony. Without air, without to breath. Men were buried alive...

For cause this tragedy, all the years, in the Quadragesima, the penitence period before Easter, screams and weep still are listened; they come from the depths of the earth. At full moon nights, the fire ball wandering, the mysterious sphere, makes your ride haunted making the landscape more luminous.

Who have courage, in one of those nights, if see the light, can try this spell: lie on the floor and to close the eyes saying a prayer dedicated to the Mother of Gold. When open the eyes, the light is gone but a golden ball appears at the side of the person. The gold should be used only to do good things. Never for the evil. Who disobey the law will be punished.


CHAVES, Pepe. Mãe do Ouro
In Brasil Wiki news published in 05/28/2008
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