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The Photographs of an Invisible Reality
translation Lygia Cabus


Genrikh Silanov* (Генрих Силанов), director (now retired) of the Geophysical Laboratory of Voronezh (Russia), began his studies about metaphysical phenomena in 1967, especially interested in UFOs. Throughout their investigations, in the lack of instruments suitable for registers and analysis, he created a device able to shoot what he himself defined as "Fields of Memory." Using this equipment, Silanov led numerous research and expeditions since 1978.


* Born in Riga - capital of the Republic of Latvia - 1934. In 1947 he graduated from the Siberian Research Institute of Geology.


This technology uses special photographic materials capable of capture a wide spectral range electromagnetic frequences like those that reach amid 190 and 800 nm (nanometers, a unit of measurement for electromagnetic waves as well as visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, gamma radiation) which allows the perception in that that goes beyond to the visible light.


The research continued in subsequent years, searching objective evidences of the metaphysical reality of different paranormal phenomena. Records that may be considered as capturing images of ghosts, because these images show beings, objects and situations that happened, existed for a long time or exist today but that aren't perceived by naked eye.


The result are are impressive documents of the past of the and invisible reality that - for the conventional science would be completely lost or unknown because no type of memory until then, it could restore the vision of its occurrences.








Mountains of Tajikistan,  region of Pamir



The equipment developed by Silanov team is able to capture scenes from past wars, the presence of UFOs, aliens, poltergeists, foo fighters (bright orange balls - strange objects that were seen by pilots, following their aircrafts especially during the Second World War) or even the memory of archaic human creatures, extinct ancestors of modern man that disappeared there are millennia.


These results were obtained in an exhaustive work developed along many years: between 1983 and 1984, scientists were in the mountains of Tajikistan (now the Republic of Tajikistan, Central Asia, borders Afghanistan to the south and China to the east), and more specifically, in the region of Pamir, for example. In 1985, these studies were aggregated in a systematic research that was called HOOPER PROJECT (Хопёр Project).







The Plasma Beings & the Plasmoids Formations



Plasmoid formation in an Anomalous Zone. 2010. Hopper Expedition (Хопёр), at the Voronezh region.  




This technology allowed to the researchers to observe a reality that exists in parallel to the reality experienced normally by the people. One of the first weird things observed and photographed in this "parallel world" was a kind of cold plasma clot and living that seems to manifest a mental behavior, a configuration that contains a kind of information.


These "entities", regarded as an entirely new form of intelligent life, they were called of the plasm-beings. The Plasma beings may be confused with plasmoids formations but are different phenomena.


The plasmic formations, are only concentrations of ionized molecules, they aren't life forms. However, its existence indicates a critical stress state of the electromagnetic field and its formation is a reactionof the Earth - Gaia while an organism, whose main function is to restore the balance upset by the critical stress that can occur in magnetic fields.







Madonna of Novokhopersk. A plasm-Being. A one of the so-called  ̶  Superiors. Hopper Expedition (Хопёр), at the Voronezh region. The photograph was taken using a film capable of capturing the ultraviolet light spectrum. [IMAGE:]



In this region, the study of anomalies (or Project Hooper / Хопёр) began in 1985, especially in the range of flight of Borisoglebsk. Salinov assigns the frequency of such occurrences in the region, as sightings of UFOs and aliens  ̶  by earthlings (humans), to the existence of an ancient geological fault by which energy emissions, reaching the Earth's surface, creates a powerful field of electromagnetic waves that facilitates transit of extraterrestrial beings and / or non-human.






LEFT.:  Plasma-beings photographed at camp of the expedition Hooper / Хопёр in the landfill Khoper (river or river Khoper Khopyor in Russian: Хопёр. 1994. []

RIGHT.: While children play cards in the camp, a member of the research team was able to get the image of this strange being, endowed with numerous tentacles. 1996.  []



The purpose of the Superiors in visit this World or dimension of human existence, would be  ̶  for the scientist, teaching people how to evolve in their life cycles on this planet. By this motive, throughout history, his appearances have been associated with deities and instructors able to make miracles or to give instructions to the human race, like occured, many times, in the apparitions of the Virgin Mary.






The work of the Hooper project has shown invisible realities in more than one plane of existence. The Plama-beings, for example, were admitted as participants of the present time. In one occasion, one of these creatures, which had the shape of a luminous orange color sphere, entered in the tent of the own Genrikh Silanov, allowing to be seen. It made ​​contact telepathic and physical with him. Therefore, this sphere was a live being intelligent. Physical contact resulted in a small lesion on the skin which took some time to disappear. Silanov tells this episode in his website.


By this way, the Plasma-beings exist in the present and they can be perceived and photographed in a dimension that can be called Field of traffic or field of metaphysical existence. However, the images of the past that the scientists have obtained are, obviously, from a different kind of metaphysical dimension - that Silanov calls Field of Memory.


Fields of memory resemble files where are preserved all the moments of past events from different times. It is impossible to speak of memory fields without remembering the occultist concept of the akashic records (or registers of Akasha), often mentioned and allegedly used by the teosophist - H. P. Blavatsky to access the knowledge of ancient times about the present Humanity and about the extinguished humanities which preceded this, of nowadays. Mythological civilizations as the Humanity of Lemurians (the third Human Race) and the Humanity of the Atlanteans(Fourth Human Race).


According to the esoteric Theosophists and Buddhists (Buddhists in the sense of enlightened - who have access to secret knowledge of the traditions), Akasha is an energy field differentiated in its functions by energy levels. Can be used as a transit route to the astral body or pure thought - for example - or can be accessed in its nature of a field of memory, which preserves records of all things and creatures of all time and space and events of all epochs.




Photo taken from a shooting during Expedition Hopper / Хопёр, in the Voronezh region (Far-western Russia), in the landfill of Novochopersk ̶ a place that was a line of defense during the so-called Great Patriotic War. It shows Czech Army soldiers of a regiment that was identified. The regiment had, in fact ̶ parked at the site between 1941 and 1942. The Great Patriotic War is the name as was called World War II at european east.

In the photo above, two collaborators of the scientists were in front of the camera for some time in a determined location. Then, they went out and the picture was taken. Despite of absent of the persons at the time the photo was made, their recent presence was captured by the camera. This was one of the first images taken of what was termed Field Memory  ̶  1991.











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