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occultism, High Magic
Magic, Sex and Love
by Lygia Cabus



Love and magic: here are two words that bring the popular imagination classical relates with fantastic and sugary novels. The figure of the reader of cards, the fortuneteller, who attends the woman worried and jealous, is a literary tradition of the serials.

The so-called "sympathies" (at Brazil), the simple spells, the enchantments, are also very searched with their recipes that blend candles color pink, molasses, photographs, locks of hair and underwear.

In chats Occultism (mainly those - especially - dedicated to witchcraft) is common the intempestive entry of persons with the question, something redundant:
"There is some wizard or witch here?".

It's a simple phrase that appears on the screen but everything happens as if it were possible to see the person, read on his face and his gestures the reason for the urgent interest to consult the magic.

Often it is someone with love problems in search of spells seduction, conquest or, worse, revenge against rivals or tricks to conquer a love not matched.




In the Völsunga saga, Kriemhild (or Gudrun) uses a love potion to seduce Sigurd (Siegfried). However, the love obtained by this way had a bad end.



In any case, it is impossible for a true occultist, to use this kind of knowledge, the magic science in activities (magic operations) of this nature, so contrary to the essence of the phenomenon of love in all its dimensions.

Define love is an almost impossible task. There is in this feeling something of a so sublime altruism that, sometimes, human capacity to love becomes doubtful.


Also, love manifests itself in many ways, may be love by the parents (filial love), by the children (maternal love and paternal), friends and brothers (fraternal love), love of country, love of work, by the art, nature, universal love, and finally, the most controversial of all, sexual love, that is the love of couples.


The sensual love is a feeling so confused that, often the persons nor know if what they are feeling is, in fact, love and - thus, emerges the classic question of the difference between love and passion.


Usually considered like the noblest of feelings, love "tempered" by the sexual attraction can become a nebulous emotion. It is a love guided by blind impulses that belong to the sphere of instinctive human constitution, more closest to the animal nature and very distant of the rational sense being. This kind of "love", often produces the most dire situations, such as crimes of passion, when physical violence and murders are committed "by love", for example.




Make a "sympathy", a spell in order to obtain an affect and (or) sex interest means putting the reason the service of madness, an attitude which in itself only represents a failure of intelligence and a distortion of love in its pure phenomenological essence that translates into the spontaneity of occurrence, ie, love, or happens or not happens and when happens, even thus, the magician should to consider if it is appropriate, if should or should not, yield to the allurements of love




The Fotune Teller.

Frédéric Bazille (1841-1870)

Make a spell is to force a situation and any success obtained by this way will be ephemeral and treacherous. The enchantment of love is always a violence, a crime of fraud, deception, illusion.


People who search such kind of "magic", they must know that a magician (or sorcerer) who has own respect, never will agree in make these operations, nor will "pass" revenue or "make jobs" and so little will open oracles (cards of Taro, throw shells, I-Ching etc.) in service of such frivolous issues.


If someone that says to be a mage, accept such a shameful role, this one, surely, is a charlatan. If accept cash or gifts by the consultation, is the case for the Criminal Code and, sure, on this person will fall a package of ancient curses that befall those who make of the magic power a trade or a means to obtain personal advantage, whether in love or professional field.


The occult seriously recommends seeking the freedom that comes from the domain of the passions, because it preserves the dignity and strengthens the spirit in their demonstrations of will. Who controls the love that feel into self, is someone that have the true love.


Here are some snippets of thought from the master occultist Eliphas Levi in comments about the relationship between magic and love.



Those that (truly) obtained the triumph over the voluptuousness of love, are those who subjugate the love for voluptuousness. If someone has the Power and chose abstain (of the use of this power), then, this someone has the power twice. The Love dominates a person through its desires: if you can be the lord of your desires and you will can dominate love. (...)


Only has the love of others who is master of his own love, who loves it self. If you wants to posses, don't deliver your self. (...) When the magnetic atmosphere between two people is so balanced that the attraction of one aspires to attract the another if this trend is reciprocal, it produces (the phenomenon that is called) sympathy (today, the called personal chemistry)... Then, imagination tranforms the situation (...) in a storm of desires that drag the will and produces, in the persons involved, a flood of astral light that alter the senses... This state, altered, something like a drunkenness, is called passion or love (what is identified like the romantic type ...)


Although, the love be one of the great instruments of magical power, it is formally forbidden for the mage, at least as embebedamento or as passion. (...) Sexual love is always an illusion, because it is the result of a mirage (...) The astral light is the universal seducer, figured by the serpent of Genesis. To experience it without damage, [the serpent of love] is necessary, as the predestined woman, set foot on its head.


The Astral Light directs the animal instincts and can be an enemy to the intelligence ... (...) The antipathy else is nothing but the feeling of a possible bewitchment, enchantment that can be love or hatred, like often happens, love become hate. (...) Human passions produce - fatally, when they are not guided by inteligence, the opposite effects to the unbridled desire. The excessive love produces antipathy ...


* [LEVI, Eliphas. Dogma e ritual da alta magia – p 76, 117, 119, 120, 180 – Săo Paulo: Ed Pensamento, 1993]


april, 2012
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