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Mysteries of the Roncador peaks

by Lygia Cabus




At the Central Region of Brazil, south of Amazônia forest, east of Mato Grosso state, located on 15º parallel, between the rivers Araguaia and Xingu, is located the peaks of the Roncador. The steep relief of the landscape formed by rugged mountains is a mystical place where the more fantastic legends are told. A place wich is associated to ancient and exotic traditions.

The main myth is the existence of a civilization in the undergrounds. One of their entrances is in one of the caves of the saw of the Roncador.Some think that Shamballa is the occult city while others believe that is Agharta and they put the brazilian passage in the hollow Earth map.


Another version tells that the cave is  the entrance to an underground road that runs from central Brazil till Machu Picchu, at Peru. There is talk of extinct volcanoes. Researchers seek Jurassic fossils and sightings of lights, suggest the transit of extraterrestrials  spacecrafts.

Part of the secrets of these scarps and caves, where the winds that roars through between the walls of rock gave the name of Roncador to the place, these secrets are kept by indigenous of Xavantes that live at the region. The natives recognize many sacred places that white men can't visit.

Among this places exist a cave in wich, till the indigenous, only dare to enter in the first gallery. They fear go more far because beyond this point, in the subsoil, live strange beings that came from the stars.Who insisted on going ahead, never returned.

Another sacred place is the Enchanted Lagoon, in whose waters there isn't forms of life. The indigenous, they avoid dive into the pond. They believe that the pond is another entry of vehicles of the gods because, many times, they had observed lights arriving and leaving of those waters.


The "indigenous bats"



Several findings archaeological and paleontological are found in Serra do Ronacador. Part of them are exposed at the Museum of Natural History Estevanovic Wilson, in Uberaba (MG). The head of this creature has 97 cm in circumference, all the teeth and six toes.




A strange footprint at the Cave of The Little Feet




The most striking of the rock formations of the valley is the Finger of God which was so named because the mystics believe that the stone is a guardian of the Almighty. A group of Esoteric, who founded in the region the Monastery of the Theurgic of the Roncado. They perform secret rituals at the base of the Finger of God and they say that when the stars are in certain alignment a portal transdimensional is open. When the Portal is open, hear voices, music and people in an enchanted city, a civilization much more evolved spiritually and technologically.



Another piece that draws public attention is a creature that is not bat, is part human with characteristics of monkey, the arms separate wings, claws on the feet and hands, and a height of 35 cm. To ufologists, the creature may have a connection with the Indian legend of the Indians bats.


The Mysterious Disappearance of Colonel Fawcett



Percy Fawcett with Raleigh Rimell and one of their guides shortly

before the expedition vanished  Photo: Royal Geographic Society/Simon and Shuster.


But beyond all these things fabulous, the Serra do Roncador is the scenario of a one of greatest world archeological mysteries: the disappearance of British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett [1867-1925]. Colonel Fawcett was official of expeditions of the British Royal Artillery. He arrived to the Saw of the Roncador region, in small city of Barra da Garças, in 1919. Fawcett was looking for traces of a lost civilization.

A manuscript of the epoch, now belongs to the collection of the Biblioteca Nacional, at Rio de Janeiro city, reports that the goal of the explorer was to establish contact with an underground civilization supposedly descended from the Atlanteans.


In 1925, Fawcett disappeared and was never seen again.Of the Research on the city that he sought, stayed just a name: Ma-noa or Manoa that was also called the city "Z", how Fawcett, sometimes, had called the city. He passed more than twenty years in search of his archeological dream.


The adventure of the Colonel begun at National Library, Rio de Janeiro, where Fawcett, has known the 512 Document, dated of 1753, wich describes the discovery ruins of a stone city in the hinterlands of Bahia state*.

* LINK RELATED: The Lost city of Bahia


Fawcett traveled to the place. He was there, at the middle of the ruins, among the roads and buildings made of stones. From there, he gained of a brazilian scientist like a gift a black figurine with 25 cm of high. Later, he brought the statuette to be examined by a seer of the past, a paranormal that claimed know the origin of an object by holding it in its hands.


The clairvoyant identified the object. No doubt, the figurine had belonged to the lost continent of Atlantis. It must have come to the lands of South America with groups of survivors who who were able to reach the Brazilian coast, or even the west shore of the continent.


Exploring the territory, they must have found a refuge in the tropical forest and there they built their cities made of rock. Today, these ancient cities are occult under the veil of the Amazon green hell and in other places of the south hemisphere of the planet



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